Rappingtons Halloween Stunt

Introducing the Rappington Family (Click to enlarge)

For Halloween in 2012, RAPP’s CEO threw down a challenge to all of the North American offices: Come up with the best costume and get a handsome cash prize.

My creative brethren and I wanted that cash so we set out to not only create a fun costume but to create some buzz in the process.

We opted to go as an awkward family photo, complete with matching shirts and insane individual personalities. We took individual photos and plastered them all over our office the night before Halloween.

Me as Lil Reggie (Click to enlarge… if you dare)

Then we created a tumblr (check it out HERE) and sent that link out to the RAPP network and to select media outlets.

A Rappington Mention on Agency Spy

In the end, we got far more page views for our tumblr than we really ever should have, and more importantly, we won that cash prize…

… and then immediately donated it to Hurricane Sandy relief.

Hey, the Rappington’s might be weird but their good peoples overall.

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RAPP Awards Posters

RAPP Diamond Award Poster (Click to enlarge)

In late 2012 my partner and I were asked to create some posters for RAPP’s upcoming employee awards. Each year RAPP gives out three awards:

  • The diamond award, which goes to an outstanding manager
  • The rising star award, which goes to an outstanding non-manager
  • The team award, which goes to an outstanding client team

We decided to go with an action figure theme, and crafted a look and copy to fit. We also encouraged people to submit nominations through QR codes, which had never been done before in past RAPP awards.

RAPP Rising Star Award Poster (Click to enlarge)

RAPP Team Award Poster (Click to enlarge)

In the end, the posters created a nice amount of buzz for the awards, and in a really cool turn, I actually won the rising star award.

My Action Figure Poster (Click to enlarge)

Art Director: John Jurik

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AMD Radeon Launch Videos

AMD was looking for a cool set of videos to launch their new Radeon graphics cards and chips in desktop and notebook computers. We delivered the videos seen above, which had the feature callouts the client requested and a style that the hyper-techy audience responded to. Plus, we cast a voice actor who was a regular on American versions of the Dragonball-Z anime cartoon, which gave us a ton of extra cred with our audience.

All in all, the videos were a huge success and they gave me the opportunity to check the “make a video that makes people think of Tron” box on my life list.

Art Director: John Jurik

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AMC Stubs Interactive Memory Wall

AMC Stubs Interactive Memory Wall (Click to enlarge)

As a part of the AMC Stubs launch, AMC tasked my team and I with creating something that would capture the essence of the program and encourage people to interact. The result was the interactive memory wall, which gave people the opportunity to share their movie memories.

The wall was placed in a few AMC Theatre lobbies…

… and at special events like AMC Theatres tradeshows and, in one really cool turn, the Emmy Awards.

TV actors love AMC Stubs (Click to enlarge)

In the end, the installation won a Dallas Addy award and became a powerful tool for AMC Theatres as they launched their loyalty program.

Art Director: John Jurik

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AMC Stubs Launch Signage

AMC Stubs Launch Poster (Click to enlarge)

When AMC launched their loyalty program, AMC Stubs, they needed to define their program with a voice all its own. That voice, as it would turn out, was my voice. And by “my voice” I mean it was the voice of movie-loving nerds who surf IMDB for fun and can throw out references to obscure movies at any moment. I really was in the right place at the right time with this brand and I couldn’t have been happier about it.

For the launch we did a ton of signage, a Website, some in-theatre commercials and more, and all of it carried the same quirky, fun-loving, Paul Rudd-ish voice.

Check out some more samples here:

AMC Stubs Launch Cling (Click to enlarge)

AMC Stubs Stub Book Poster (Click to enlarge)

AMC Stubs Display (Click to enlarge)

AMC Stubs Counter Mat (Click to enlarge)

Fully Decked Out AMC Theatres Lobby (Click to enlarge)

Overall writing for the program was an awesome experience. Check out the video below to learn more about the launch of the program and see some results.

Art Director: John Jurik

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AMC Stubs Website

AMC Stubs Website Homepage (Click to enlarge)

AMC Stubs was a massive project overall but at the center of it was its Web experience. In addition to being a clean hub for all things AMC Stubs, it had to house the online Stub books of thousands of members.

AMC Stubs Online Stub Book (Click to enlarge)

I wrote every word on the site and the majority of it is still up today (Click HERE to visit the site). I also wrote several email communications (see below for samples) that AMC is still using now. For the most part these communications had to very direct in their messaging but I always tried to insert the fun side of the AMC Stubs brand voice whenever it seemed appropriate.

AMC Stubs Welcome Email (Click to enlarge)

AMC Stubs Rewards Notification Email (Click to enlarge)

Like everything else with AMC Stubs, the end result was very satisfying and I’m very proud of the work and the program we created.

Art Director: John Jurik

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AMC Stubs In-Theatre Commercials

Working on the AMC Stubs business was a great experience for me. In addition to the  signage and digital projects, I worked on some in-theatre commercials that ran after the lights came down. The commercials showed the emotional connection a person has to a ticket stub through heartfelt copy, excellent voice-overs (like the one in the spot above by the venerable Bill Cobbs) and an awesome paper-based, pop-up visual style.

The end result turned out great and I always got a thrill seeing these on the big screen.

Here are a couple other spots we did in the same style:

Art Director: John Jurik

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A great gift idea: Personalized Concert Posters

This last Christmas I was searching for something I could give my girlfriend that would be personal, heartfelt, stylish and awesome. After some thought (and some iPhone-aided remembering) I determined that she and I had seen A LOT of bands in 2011—48 to be exact.

So, with that astronomical figure in mind, I asked my good friend and creative life partner John Jurik to help me create a festival-style poster that included all 48 of these bands. The resulting poster turned out like this:

Pretty rad, right? Go ahead and steal the idea if you’d like. And if you want some creative help constructing a similar poster of your own, feel free to reach out to Mr. John Jurik. He’s ridiculously talented and he works for cheap.

Oh, and just for the sake of Internet record, the bands that we saw in 2011, in headliner-everyone else order, were:

  • Arcade Fire
  • Coldplay
  • Girl Talk
  • Band of Horses
  • Blondie
  • Bright Eyes
  • Bon Iver
  • Beirut
  • The Cars
  • M83
  • Death From Above 1979
  • Sleigh Bells
  • Crystal Castles
  • The Naked and Famous
  • Cold War Kids
  • Friendly Fires
  • Foster the People
  • Lykke Li
  • Explosions in the Sky
  • Mates of State
  • Local Natives
  • Cults
  • Tennis
  • Ana Tijoux
  • CSS
  • Nico Vega
  • Fool’s Gold
  • The Cool Kids
  • Okkervil River
  • White Lies
  • Typhoon
  • The Joy Formidable
  • Kathleen Edwards
  • Crystal Antlers
  • What Cheer? Brigade
  • Japandroids
  • Bass Drum of Death
  • Keller Williams
  • The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
  • Portugal. The Man.
  • Hardin Sweaty and The Ready To Go
  • Acid Baby Jesus
  • Hell Shovel
  • Ramesh
  • Active Child
  • Generationals
  • Little Birds
  • Soviet
  • (a)therapeutic smile

Later this week I’m going to write a post breaking down my top five performances from that list. Stay tuned for that.

Roxmas 6 is coming…

Every year my band, Hardin Sweaty and The Ready To Go, put on a show to celebrate the season of yule called Roxmas. This year we will be putting on the 6th annual iteration of this momentous event and recently I initiated the help of my good friend John Jurik to create a poster that really captured the magic of the season.

He gave me this:

Me likey. A lot. For details about Roxmas 6 go HERE.

I hope to see you all there.

Why does Netflix hate Shaquille O’Neal so much?

Netflix has been in the news lately for making some really questionable decisions. First they announced they were raising the prices for their service, then they actually raised prices (I was hoping they were bluffing), and now they have announced that they will be splintering into two separate companies — Netflix and Qwikster.

I could easily write 1,000 words on how bizarre I find all of this to be, and I could write another 2,000 analyzing and subsequently pooping on the name Qwikster, but that’s not what I’m really concerned with today.

Oh no. I’m concerned with something far more insidious brewing inside the Netflix brain trust.

I want to know why Netflix hates Shaquille O’Neal so much.

I know this may sound crazy at first. Who could hate Shaq? He’s really tall and lovable and he’s awesome at giving himself nicknames (which really is a skill… seriously, go to your office tomorrow and try to give YOURSELF a nickname… it won’t stick). But Netflix definitely does hate him and I will prove it using evidence pulled from their own site. Sit back and let the prosecution blow your mind.

EXHIBIT A: Blue Chips

Way back in 1994, a very skinny Shaq starred in a relatively high profile film about corrupt basketball recruiting. His character’s name was Neon, which is awesome. The movie also starred Nick Nolte as the same grizzled man filled with self hatred that he always plays. The movie wasn’t good but it was good enough to where you would think Netflix would have it in one of their warehouses somewhere, but when you look it up on Qwikster Netflix all you see is this:

Uhhhh… Save? Fuck you, Netflix. I don’t want to save. I want to watch Neon struggle with the tough life decisions that come with being a top basketball recruit. You’ve got He Got Game ready for rental and that’s basically the same thing… sort of. Something stinks here.


Ok, so they didn’t have Blue Chips. I guess that’s forgivable. A movie called Blue Chips should really be about delicious savory snacks that happen to be a glorious shade of cerulean, not basketball. And Shaq was only a supporting character in it. But what about Kazaam? The first movie where Shaq finally stepped out of the shadows and became a full on movie star in his own right. Surely Netflix will have it right?

Save again? Damn you, Netflix. One movie missing is normal enough but two movies from the same great star? I don’t like it. And I don’t want to hear about how Kazaam isn’t in there because it’s a bad movie. I bet half the DVDs that go out daily are for bad movies. I mean how many times has Showgirls been rented? I’d be willing to bet it’s gone in and out of more households than Shaq’s whimsical character in Kazaam has gone in and out of magical genie lamps. Or dicks have gone in and out of Elizabeth Berkley’s whimsical character in Showgirls. Yeah.

Damn, those were some sweet analogies.

But to stay focused, there is no rational reason for Kazaam to be missing other than the obvious fact that Netflix hates Shaq.

But wait, Netflix has one more chance at redemption…


Ok, so Kazaam  was Shaq’s first starring role but it wasn’t until his piece of the indirect Superman franchise, Steel that he really found what it took to lead a film. So what do I find when I look this movie up on Netflix?

Wait, what? Not even a save option? Netflix is not even acknowledging the existence of Steel? Instead I can save Real Steel, a movie that hasn’t even come out yet and looks like a Real Piece of Shit? That’s just ridiculous.

Three movies with Shaq as one of the leads and three dead ends on Netflix. Coincidence? Absolutely not.

It’s obvious that Netflix hates Shaquille O’Neal.

The prosecution rests.