AT&T Free Cords Letter Kit

AT&T Free Cords Letter Kit OE Front

AT&T Free Cords Letter Kit Envelope (Click to enlarge)

This was a fun one.

The AT&T client in the east had a surplus of phone cords and wanted to unload them. The best way to do this was to give them away as an incentive for calling AT&T. From there the challenge for me was to make something as mundane as a new phone cord exciting and useful to the consumer.

In the end, after brainstorming a hundred ways you could destroy or ruin a phone cord, I settled on one of the most commonplace maladies — a tangle.

Because of the way I was challenged with making something out of nothing (I know a free phone cord isn’t technically “nothing”, but it’s close), this stands out as one of my favorite AT&T pieces that I ever worked on.

Here’s the letter that accompanied the OE above:

AT&T Free Cords Letter Kit Letter

AT&T Free Cords Letter Kit Letter (Click to enlarge)

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