Facial cHAIRity is back!

facial chairity

Every year the Donorschoose.org group does a program where benevolent dudes with lots of face testosterone rally together and grow mustaches, beards and everything in between in exchange for any donations their friends and family can muster. Now I understand that in my case there is very little novelty to me having a beard or even a disgusting lip broom (as I tend to grow these accessories on a semi-regular basis), so I am basically just doing anything I can to bring a great cause to your attention.

Check out my profile HERE. Bask in the brilliant glow of my pic for a moment before reading about some of the projects I am sponsoring. If you can donate anything, do it. The kids you’ll be helping will really appreciate it. And so will I. And so will my mustache.

HERE is that link once again. It’s also HERE. And HERE.

I participated in this program last year and raised $1,169 for DFW classrooms. I’d like to raise even more this year so please donate.

If you have any questions send me a note by clicking HERE.

Thank you in advance, and my mustache loves you all.

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