ITE Update: 300 posts and counting

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Today was a momentous day in my blogging career. I posted my 300th (and 301st… I was on a roll) articles to, the site I helped give birth to about 17ish months ago. While my posts haven’t always been brilliant, they’ve all been a lot of fun to write.

And now, to celebrate me turning 300, I’d like to present a hastily crafted list of some of my favorite posts from ITE.

And yes, I realize just how insanely narcissistic this is. I’m writing a blog post compiling my own blog posts. But hey, this is my personal blog and I feel like tooting my own horn… so yeah.

Ok, here goes.


(presented in no particular order)

1. The economic upside to Patrick Swayze’s death

Insensitive? Yes. Thought-provoking? Maybe.

Unfortunately for the economy too much time has passed to put my product-placement-plan into action, but I’m confident that if we just would have moved quicker we could’ve added “economic Godsend” to Patrick’s already strong list of achievements. Such a pity. R.I.P., dude.

2. Drocolate’s favorite music from 2009

This one has to make my meta list because it’s a great example of me doing something that I don’t do that often — write positively. The vast majority of my ITE work is pretty negative, so when I get the chance to write something gracious it presents an initial challenge.

This one is also good because it’ll give you some solid music recommendations from last year. Yes.

3. Donating bodily stuffs

This was the first real post I did for ITE and it’s still one of my favorites. It’s semi-informative, humorous and it manages to work in a Vincent Gallo reference. That’s a big fat “mission accomplished” right there.

4. Shithead trading card #5: Annette Yeomans

I have such fond memories of this one. The story was so perfect: A woman was stealing money from her company and spending it on things like shoes and closet upgrades. It was a really under-reported story so this article became an early SEO success story for ITE, which gave me my first brush with Internet crazies from both the pro- and anti-Yeomans camps. All in all, it was a fun one.

5. The facebook quizzes just won’t stop.

I wrote three posts about my hatred for facebook quizzes but this one, the middle one, was the best. It was my Empire Strikes Back… or something.

6. The Healthcare Reform Town Hall Psycho Cutout

This one showcases my INCREDIBLE Photoshop skills. And my flair for political humor. It’s definitely one of my favorites if for the Nick Nolte image alone.

7. 5 new and creative ways to get your resume out there

This one is just fun. And I kind of think some of these ideas may work. But definitely not the X-ray-sume… that one is just silly.

8. Top 5 untapped money-making ideas: July ’09 edition

I’ve done a lot of these untapped money-maker posts but I think this one might be my favorite. The Bush and Bush gag and the home plate key-hider are just awesome. And ridiculous. And awesome. And that Crumblies cookbook still makes me gag a little.

9. WASTE OF MONEY: Olive Garden

I’ve written a ton of these WASTE OF MONEY articles but this one still stands out as one of my favorites. It had references to Sarah Palin, Wendy’s, Chef Boyardee AND it had some Youtube clips. It had it all! Yes!

Ok, I think I’m sufficiently sick of myself now.

Here’s to the next 300.

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