I just finished READING: Less Than Zero

Less Than Zero cover

Less Than Zero is a vivid gallery of miserable, over-stimulated rich kid assholes in 1980’s Los Angeles. It doesn’t really have a story or any sort of character arc. It just sort of happens.

And for that reason, it’s a masterpiece.

It’s written from the perspective of the most likable of these assholes, a guy named Clay. Over the span of 200 pages Clay comes home from college for Christmas break, meets up with his old friends (who include an ex-girlfriend, a former friend turned heroin addict/male prostitute, a drug dealer and several other overly-tanned, drug addicted, sexually irresponsible types) and realizes that his entire world is a mess.

But don’t let that short summary fool you into thinking that this book moves like a traditional novel moves. It doesn’t. This book just glides by documenting everything going on in Clay’s life. It’s almost like a diary.

It’s captivating stuff. I can’t recommend it enough.

And if you like Less Than Zero, I recommend going out and getting the just-released sequel (yes, sequel): Imperial Bedrooms. I’m reading it now and over the first 50 pages it’s proving to be more of the same style, albeit 25 years later.

Go read. Do it.

3 thoughts on “I just finished READING: Less Than Zero

  1. I liked LTZ just fine, but I think American Psycho is a few level above it. Just like LTZ, AP doesn’t necessarily have a plot but it’s detailed description of Patrick Bateman’s every-day life is like anything you’ve ever read. Sure, the movie is pretty awesome, but you need to read the book to order to understand what BEE is trying to say about the consumerism mentality of the modern world.
    Be warned tho, there are some gruesome chapters in here with explicit sexual acts, murders and torture that not many stomachs can handle.

  2. I love all the acronyms, Walter.

    I totally agree with everything you said. I’ve read everything BEE has written and AP is definitely his greatest work, followed closely by LTZ and RoA (Rules of Attraction). At least that’s my opinion.

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