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AMC Stubs Website Homepage (Click to enlarge)

AMC Stubs was a massive project overall but at the center of it was its Web experience. In addition to being a clean hub for all things AMC Stubs, it had to house the online Stub books of thousands of members.

AMC Stubs Online Stub Book (Click to enlarge)

I wrote every word on the site and the majority of it is still up today (Click HERE to visit the site). I also wrote several email communications (see below for samples) that AMC is still using now. For the most part these communications had to very direct in their messaging but I always tried to insert the fun side of the AMC Stubs brand voice whenever it seemed appropriate.

AMC Stubs Welcome Email (Click to enlarge)

AMC Stubs Rewards Notification Email (Click to enlarge)

Like everything else with AMC Stubs, the end result was very satisfying and I’m very proud of the work and the program we created.

Art Director: John Jurik

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