Rappingtons Halloween Stunt

Introducing the Rappington Family (Click to enlarge)

For Halloween in 2012, RAPP’s CEO threw down a challenge to all of the North American offices: Come up with the best costume and get a handsome cash prize.

My creative brethren and I wanted that cash so we set out to not only create a fun costume but to create some buzz in the process.

We opted to go as an awkward family photo, complete with matching shirts and insane individual personalities. We took individual photos and plastered them all over our office the night before Halloween.

Me as Lil Reggie (Click to enlarge… if you dare)

Then we created a tumblr (check it out HERE) and sent that link out to the RAPP network and to select media outlets.

A Rappington Mention on Agency Spy

In the end, we got far more page views for our tumblr than we really ever should have, and more importantly, we won that cash prize…

… and then immediately donated it to Hurricane Sandy relief.

Hey, the Rappington’s might be weird but their good peoples overall.

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